Thermal imaging technology by VECTED

With our thermal imaging technology, based on a fully integrated system with proprietary components, we have established ourselves as a force to be reckoned with in the thermal imaging market over the past years. VECTED stands for premium thermal imagers “Made in Germany”, which are suitable for official, military as well as hunting purposes. We develop and manufacture our thermal imagers and electronic modules exclusively in Germany, more precisely at our company headquarters in Fürth/Bavaria.

Since the early 2000s, our experts have already been dealing with ballistic computers and thermal imaging technology. The company was then founded in 2012 by Wolfgang Schöberl, who still directs the fortunes of VECTED today as Managing Director. We started as an OEM service provider with the contract development and production of thermal imaging devices and electronic modules – which is still an important pillar of the company. In this field, we develop and produce thermal imaging devices for several well-known companies, each of which is a market leader in its segment in defense technology and hunting optics. We have been selling our own thermal imaging devices since 2019 and have been steadily expanding the product portfolio ever since.

What sets our thermal imagers apart is the integrated complete system of hardware and software. They contain in-house developed electronics and image processing, which ensures high image quality with depth of detail and contrast. At the same time, the functionalities of our devices can be adapted to the customer’s application purposes.


Our focus for the future is on the increased integration of artificial intelligence into our image processing to support users in object recognition and decision making. We are very aware of the opportunities and risks of integrating AI, and we are addressing key questions here about what makes good AI and how it can be used in a meaningful way.

With the close integration of development, production and administration in an interdisciplinary team and a flair for future technologies, VECTED is a preferred partner for sophisticated thermal imaging technology in the civil, governmental and military sectors.