High-end thermal imaging cameras made by VECTED

VECTED will provide you with all the advice you need before purchasing a thermal imager. Not all thermal imaging cameras are the same, and your requirements may differ depending on whether you want to use your device as a clip-on or a weapon sight system, as a hand-held thermal imager purely for observation and recording or as a clip-on in front of a telescopic sight. You may also be looking for an ITAR-free thermal imaging camera made in Germany.

Hard facts and soft skills make for good thermal imaging cameras

The quality of a thermal imaging camera, in particular the image it produces, is determined first and foremost by the technical quality of the components used, above all the sensor resolution, pixel size, refresh rate and NETD (noise equivalent temperature difference) of the sensor. Our thermal imaging cameras deliver extremely high technical performance. Another aspect that is at least equally important is the subjective assessment of the image. Is the image sharp and high-contrast? Many suppliers of thermal imaging cameras purchase modules such as a thermal imaging core with image processing. At VECTED, however, we develop the electronics and image processing technology entirely ourselves, giving us full control over the image presented. The result is a detailed and high-contrast image that underscores our claim to offer premium thermal imaging cameras. See for yourself the difference in quality compared to similar products!

We believe that advice and in-depth communication with our customers are the most important things when it comes to purchasing a thermal imaging camera: you tell us your requirements and we find the product that ideally matches them. We are also there to support you with our after-sales service covering the entire product life cycle.

Advantages of thermal imaging technology over night vision devices

Our thermal imaging devices operate in the long-wave infrared range (LWIR) and make thermal radiation from bodies and objects visible – regardless of what the light conditions are. This sets them apart from night vision devices, which act as residual light amplifiers and can only be used in darkness. The latter only produce a green or black-and-white image if there is a sufficient source of residual light and no vision-impairing conditions exist such as fog or clouds of smoke. In contrast, thermal imaging cameras can be deployed in complete darkness as well as in environments filled with fog or smoke, where they present the scenery in various colour modes. Using thermal imaging cameras in daylight is equally beneficial, for example as a way to detect concealed weapons or hidden doors during house searches or find “warm patches” that people have left behind in rooms.

Thermal imaging cameras for civil and law enforcement applications

VECTED offers you a selection of lightweight and compact observation, clip-on (in-line) and target devices – as individual devices or multi-functional solutions such as a combined observation and clip-on instrument. We produce thermal imaging cameras that are suitable for police, hunting and military applications. Local laws must be observed when using our devices for civil or hunting purposes.

Our selection of thermal imaging cameras:

VECTED thermal imaging cameras are compact and lightweight, but also highly robust and powerful, producing images with a captivating level of detail and richness of contrast. They are made entirely in-house and support law enforcement, civil or military operations.

All our thermal imaging cameras have the following features:

  • Multi-purpose thermal imaging cameras with switchable usage modes (observation, clip-on or weapons sight)
  • In-line optics, factory-calibrated (no offset when used as a clip-on)
  • Adaptive local contrast enhancement and automatic gain adjustment
  • Customized usage modes, reticle, menu system and colour palettes
  • Protective rubber body (increased grip and protection)
  • Various weapon mounts available (STANAG 4694 – NATO Accessory Rail/Picatinny, claw mount)
  • Made in Germany with key components from European manufacturers, ITAR-free
  • Optimised accessories such as an intelligent quick-mount system or remote control maximise the operational capability of our thermal imaging cameras.

640 series of thermal imaging cameras:

VECTED’s 640 series of thermal imaging cameras feature high display resolution thanks to 640 x 480 pixel sensors, along with high thermal sensitivity that enables large operating ranges. Pixel size is just as important as sensor resolution because pixels are becoming ever smaller and more sensitive: 12 µm is standard with the 640 series. The technical advantage here is that the operating range can be increased somewhat on a camera of the same size, although the field of view is reduced slightly.

State-of-the-art interface

The 640-series cameras also offer outstanding connectivity, making them much easier to link with devices. You can transfer photos or stream videos via USB or Wi-Fi (optional). Bluetooth and W-LAN connections, Qi wireless charging and use of a remote control are optional.

320 series of thermal imaging cameras:

The 320 series is the little sister of our 640 family. The devices are particularly compact and ideal for smaller ranges, such as those in urban areas. Like the 640 series, they are multi-purpose thermal imaging cameras that are quickly and easily convertible from a hand-held observation instrument to a clip-on device on a rifle with a telescopic sight. In all usage modes, these thermal imaging cameras provide very high detection performance and a clear, high-contrast image.

The devices in the 320 series also have a photographic function and a USB port, as well as an analogue PAL composite video output.