Artificial intelligence (AI) in thermal imaging technology

Artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips. VECTED’s focus is on helping users of our thermal imaging cameras detect and assess objects through the integration of AI. AI is based on neural networks that are trained by us for use in a specific area with the aim of recognising dangerous situations, such as where weapons need to be detected.

Neural networks developed in-house

We develop the neural networks for our thermal imaging cameras in-house and do not use any existing or freely available neural networks on the internet, as they are usually unsuitable for our purposes. In the same way as a police officer is trained for a specific operation, AI algorithms also need the right training for a particular context.

We are currently working on integrating AI into our latest generation of devices and are already seeing some promising results.

Humans decide!

One important aspect should not be forgotten when it comes to using artificial intelligence: the role of AI is solely to help the user make decisions. Ultimately, humans will always decide how to proceed.

Have you seen our blog?

Our thermal imaging blog regularly discusses the topic of artificial intelligence and its potential applications, while also providing background information.