VECTED thermal imaging cameras for the police

Police thermal imaging cameras must in some cases meet different requirements to those used in a military context, whether they are deployed in a missing persons search, investigation work, SWAT missions, border control duties or the protection of property However, both areas of application share the same basic criteria: a design that is as compact, lightweight and robust as possible and adheres to official standards. In an urban environment, for example, shorter operating ranges may be needed by the police. If officers have stormed an area and are faced with an unclear situation and difficult light conditions, thermal imaging cameras can quickly give them the clarity they need. VECTED thermal imaging devices operate in the long-wave infrared range (LWIR) and therefore work in both complete darkness and daylight, as well as in fog or smoke-filled environments.

Other possible uses for thermal imaging devices in today’s police work are to detect concealed weapons or fresh traces of blood or to find hidden doors. In observation missions, the devices make it easy to determine whether a car has been parked for a long period or if the engine is still warm. Thermal imaging cameras also play a key role in simplifying searches for missing persons in rural areas and for wild animals wounded in accidents.

Observation devices, clip-on devices and weapon sights for police operations

VECTED can adapt hand-held observation devices, clip-on devices and weapon sights precisely for specific police operations. Our thermal imaging experts provide in-depth advice to optimize all criteria such as operating range, resolution and sensor performance, as well as user features, in line with your application scenarios. The user interface can also be individually configured.