VECTED thermal imaging cameras for the military

VECTED thermal imaging cameras are dual-use products for police and hunting applications and – thanks to our high technical standards – are equally suitable for military purposes. Our dual-use thermal imaging cameras are robust and compact and have a high resolution and detection range whether as an observation device or weapon sight or as a clip-on in front of your own daylight optic. Our image processing technology developed in-house ensures a high-contrast image even in difficult weather and light conditions (by day or night, in fog, rain or smoke-filled environments).

Thermal imaging cameras individually adapted to their use

Soldiers’ safety depends crucially on how they assess their environment and the possible dangers around them. VECTED thermal imagers help them reliably detect objects by day and night, even when visibility is poor. In addition to the highest possible technical standards for the sensor, resolution, field of view and range, users in the military sector receive a product that is individually tailored to their specific uses. This includes extensive upfront advice from our experts, who work with our customers to define the key criteria. One of the main benefits is the individually and precisely configured user interface, which contains only the defined menu items so that unimportant information is not displayed during an operation.