High-end thermal imaging cameras made in Germany by VECTED

Thermal imaging cameras for every use: hunting, law enforcement and military

VECTED thermal imaging cameras are suitable for both civil and law enforcement applications. At its location in Fürth, Germany, VECTED develops and produces observation equipment, clip-on (in-line) systems and weapon sights that can be used as hand-held or weapon-mounted devices. Our accessories are tailored perfectly to our thermal imaging cameras and make for easy, fast and intuitive use of our equipment by day and night. We source key components such as sensors and displays from established preferred partners from our region, or alternatively from throughout Germany or the EU (ITAR-free), while VECTED experts develop all the electronics and software in-house.

As a specialist in thermal imaging technology, VECTED also offers engineering services. Along with its own thermal imaging cameras, VECTED develops electronic modules for optronics that perfectly match our customers’ requirements.

We constantly monitor the latest developments, which is why VECTED is making increasing use of AI – artificial intelligence – in thermal imaging. Click here for more information.

Areas of application for VECTED thermal imaging cameras

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