Team of experts

Specialized in thermal imaging equipment and optoelectronic systems

Several disciplines work hand in hand at VECTED. Our team of electronics and software engineers and physicians based in Fürth, most of whom have experience in hunting or law enforcement, ensures that our customers receive the best possible thermal imagers. This requires comprehensive and individual advice tailored to each customer’s specific needs. At VECTED, our goal is to support users from the hunting community, the police and the military with their thermal imaging requirements as best we can. We do not provide off-the-shelf products – our hardware and software are individually adapted to your application. This may involve configuring the menu navigation to your needs or developing a completely bespoke solution using individual components.

Artificial intelligence in thermal imaging

The supposed hot topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is another area in which the VECTED team has expertise. AI has been an integral part of our product development and corporate strategy for many years. Integrating AI into our thermal imaging cameras is an even more effective way of helping users detect objects and make decisions.