OEM/ODM services

VECTED is a producer and supplier for OEM/ODM customers. We also handle the complete manufacture of externally developed modules and products. Our flat hierarchies and flexible production system make us the ideal choice for both small series and large volumes of customised components and products. We are a reliable development partner for OEM customers because we source key components exclusively from Europe and manufacture our products in Germany.

Optronics development services

VECTED’s expertise goes beyond developing and producing thermal imaging devices and cameras. There are specialised areas of application that require deeper integration of optronics components than is possible with standard modules. VECTED offers development services for companies with a view to individually integrating thermal imaging technology into specialist applications. This may include, for example, government activities and security applications as well as quality control or production progress monitoring in the industrial sector.

We support engineers by initially analysing their specific system with the aim of developing a tailored electronics module for the relevant application. In this way, the electronics and mechanical elements are perfectly matched and the customer does not have to design its application around a standard module from a catalogue.