10 years of thermal imaging technology from VECTED

Vected GmbH

The thermal imaging specialists from VECTED are celebrating an anniversary: The Fürth based company has been active in the thermal imaging market for ten years and has established its premium thermal imaging devices for official and hunting purposes in the industry.

Founded in 2012, VECTED initially worked for OEM customers and, in addition to developing thermal imaging devices and individual modules, also took on manufacturing – which is still an important pillar of the company. Since 2019, the thermal imaging devices have also been sold under its own name, primarily in the civilian and government sectors. Over the next few years, the company’s own product line-up will be further expanded.

In-house electronics and image processing

What is special about VECTED is the close integration of production, administration and development. Together, the complete electronics and image processing are developed in-house and the devices are produced. The result is high-quality thermal imaging devices that impress with their image quality, depth of detail and contrast. In addition, the VECTED devices are characterised by the fact that they can be adapted to the customer’s requirements. Their functionality is thus optimally tailored to the customer. European key components are predominantly used in the products and the units are not subject to ITAR.

In addition, VECTED also offers the integration of its thermal imaging technology into customer-specific applications.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) in thermal imaging technology

Artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips. VECTED’s focus is on helping users of our thermal imaging cameras detect and assess objects through the integration of AI. AI is based on neural networks that are trained by us specifically for use by the police or the military, with the aim of recognising dangerous situations, such as where weapons need to be detected.