VECTED thermal imaging cameras for hunting

Thermal imaging cameras are a useful tool for hunters, even when visibility is poor, and can be relied on in almost any weather conditions. At night and in areas with dense and high vegetation, our thermal imaging cameras deliver outstanding performance thanks to their detailed and high-contrast images that make it easy to find and effectively identify game. They are equally suitable for tracking a wounded animal after the shot. Our thermal imaging devices are extremely lightweight, compact and robust – the ideal companion on daytime or night-time hunting trips. Our intelligent quick-mount system lets you use the hand-held device for observation and then place it on your rifle in a matter of seconds so that you can take a shot.

Legal or Illegal? Myth attachment to the weapon

The method of mounting a thermal imaging camera on the weapon is irrelevant, thus there is no illegal mounting for hunters.

Background: Again and again we hear at VECTED that thermal imagers mounted on the scope would be legal for hunters, whereas thermal imagers mounted on the weapon, exactly in front of the scope, would be prohibited. This is wrong.

There is a clear statement on this from the responsible federal authority, the Federal Criminal Police Office. In response to our inquiry, the authorized department “SO 13-2 Waffenrechtsangelegenheiten” informed us that “when using a night vision attachment on weapons within the scope of § 40 Abs. 3 Satz 4 WaffG [jagdlicher Einsatz], the type of attachment is irrelevant. So mounting directly on the gun is possible.”

If you are interested in more details, we recommend the leaflet of the Federal Criminal Police Office on night vision headsets and night vision attachments (click to download).

Developed for discerning users – a premium product for hunting

VECTED thermal imaging cameras are developed for dual use and therefore meet high technical demands as well as safety requirements for use in law enforcement. The technical refinements shown by our thermal imaging cameras – from the deeply integrated overall system through to image processing technology developed in-house – mean that our products make a valuable contribution to a successful hunting trip. For more information on our observation equipment, clip-on devices and weapon sights, see our selection of thermal imaging cameras.