Everything micro – our microcontroller brings the information to the microdisplay

Vected GmbH

It is always good to have all the necessary information available – if it is clearly arranged and can be grasped at a glance. If our customers need additional information (distance, direction, altitude, wind, etc.) in their optical devices, we solve this with a microdisplay that is integrated into the customer’s optical system. These microdisplays reflect the desired data directly in the field of view, similar to a head-up display in a car, and thus facilitate, for example, the interpretation of an observed situation.

As the term micro suggests, these displays need to be as compact as possible so that they can be optimally integrated into the customer’s system. At the same time, these applications, in which information is superimposed on the real image, are always in the high-brightness range with very bright displays. This is necessary so that the contrast between the reflected image and the real image is sufficient without having to dim the real image. On the other hand, the microdisplay is dimmed in poor lighting conditions so that it does not overlay the real image. Therefore, despite its compactness, the display must have powerful control electronics. We purchase the displays from a leading European manufacturer with whom we have been working closely for over ten years. In our view, these displays are unrivaled, especially in the high-brightness sector. In the course of this long cooperation, we have been able to build up extensive know-how about the displays and, on this basis, have developed our own optimized solution for the control.

Few components, small and user-friendly

In the market, many modules for display control rely on FPGA-based solutions that provide only a standardized video interface. However, this requires extensive electronics development to present information on the display; data must be processed and a video stream generated. Therefore, we have developed a microcontroller-based solution for mirroring additional information over the real image. We provide a module that allows the realization of very compact and powerful systems while significantly reducing complexity and costs. The energy consumption is also pleasingly low.
The display is controlled directly from the microcontroller. The microcontroller is equipped with various interfaces (serial, USB, optional Bluetooth) and has sufficient computing power, even for complex graphic displays. For the development we rely on many years of experience in the development of our own FPGA-based driver solutions and an extensive know-how in the field of microcontrollers. Based on this experience we have developed a complete module with all necessary components already integrated.

Ready for the printed circuit board

A ready-to-use module that is placed on the printed circuit board is also very interesting for industrial applications. A pre-qualified system-on-module shortens the development time and thus also the time-to-market. An evaluation kit based on our module simplifies PCB development and allows parallel software development, which also saves a lot of time. System solutions from VECTED offer the highest performance in an extremely compact design and are an excellent solution wherever a microdisplay is to be integrated into an optic.

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